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Chapel of St. Michael
by Harmer Architecture Pty Ltd



This building is a mausoleum and is the second stage of the Holy Angels Mausoleum Development at Fawkner Crematorium and Memorial Park at Sydney Road Fawkner in Melbourne. The building is called the Chapel of St Michael (although it is not a church) and comprises 2,237 casket spaces constructed from in-situ reinforced concrete. The level of visitation of the dead by their relatives in the Italian community is high, so the space is designed as much a place for the living as for those who are gone. The people who buy the casket spaces are almost entirely from the Italian

community. The mausoleum comprises three main design elements, a street colonnade, a gallery and a two-storey central circular space. The circular space is naturally lit from above by a 30 metre long skylight fitted with coloured glass panels set into 154 digitally cut aluminium panels. A six-metre high computer generated image of St Michael made of perforated aluminium panels filters afternoon sun to the entry space. The building also features vigil lamp vase units powered by fibre optics and manufactured in Melbourne and designed by Harmer Architecture to all interior shutters.

Fawkner, VIC
Harmer Architecture Pty Ltd
Contact address:
Project Team
Project architect: Mr Philip Harmer, Harmer Architecture Pty Ltd
Design architect: Mr Philip Harmer, Harmer Architecture Pty Ltd
Structural consultant: Mr. Steven Elward, Gutteridge Haskins & Davey Pty Ltd
Civil consultant: Mr. Geoff Lanigan, Lanigan Baldwin Pty Ltd
Electrical consultant: Mr. Philip O'Connor, O'Connor & Associates Pty Ltd
Interior designer: Mr Philip Harmer, Harmer Architecture Pty Ltd
Builder: Mr. Ian Miller, Milne Contruction Aust with Keith M
Glass Art: Mr. Stephen Hennessy, Stephen Hennessy Art and Design
Photographer: Mr Trevor Mein, meinphoto
Other Team Members : Philip Harmer, Andrew Briant, Brenton Weisert, Grant Dixon

Photographs by Mr Trevor Mein of meinphoto, text by Harmer Architecture Pty Ltd

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