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Australia Post Shared Services Ground Floor Fitout
by H2o Architects



The new Australia Post Ground floor fit-out for Shared Services, named 'Ground Up' by Post staff, accommodates 130 people. Most staff have been relocated from an existing first floor office, from which the ground floor is accessed. The ground floor, which is partly below grade and has limited natural light, was formerly used as a carpark. Post's brief required that the design overcome the dilemma posed by perceived

functional and environmental disadvantages associated with the move 'downstairs'. The design utilizes a radical organic plan with no enclosed offices. All staff are accommodated in workstations arranged in clustered groups of 2 to 8 people. Stations are separated by informal circulation paths linking the key functional elements, and offering a meandering 'route',contrasting with the formality of the symmetrical column grid.

West Melbourne, VIC
H2o Architects
Contact address:
H2o Architects
Project Team
Project architect: Tim Hurburgh, H2o architects
Design architect: Tim Hurburgh, H2o architects
Project manager: Montlaur Project Services
Structural consultant: Kinhill Engineers
Electrical consultant: Bassett Kuttner Collins
Mechanical consultant: Bassett Kuttner Collins
Hydraulic consultant: Bassett Kuttner Collins
Landscape consultant: Tract Consultants
Acoustic consultant: Watson Moss Growcott
Services consultant: Bassett Kuttner Collins
Quantity consultant: WT Partnership
Builder: Eveready Partitions
Photographer: Trevor Mein, Meinphoto
Other Team Members : Mark O'Dwyer, Sofia Anapliotis, Peta Heffernan, Matilda Blazey, Chris Johnston, Ari Indra & Shamus Mulcahy

Photographs by Trevor Mein of Meinphoto, text by H2o Architects

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