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Napier Street
by Kerstin Thompson Architects Pty Ltd



Napier Street Housing is a cost-effective development which consists of eleven dwellings with seemingly spacious proportions, generous roof terraces and flexible options for occupation. The project is also act of urbanism a demonstration of how A building today is interesting only if it is more than itself; if it charges the space around it with connective possibilities. (Alison and Peter Smithson). This project explores the interface between the building and the street; past and present. It

understands the site as part of a much larger urban system and uses the architecture to consolidate and extend this system. Drawing upon the formal, material and typological traits of South Fitzroy the units are an intervention that are irreducibly local and specific, that transform a series of nineteenth century terrace slivers into a cohesive whole. In dialogue, rather than in denial, Napier Street Housing produces a resonance with its surroundings by insinuating difference rather than simplistic contextual deference.

Fitzroy, VIC
Kerstin Thompson Architects Pty Ltd
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Kerstin Thompson Architects Pty Ltd
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.Project Team
Project architect: Kerstin Thompson, Kerstin Thompson Architects
Structural consultant: W.P Brown & Partners P/L
Builder: Bruce Love
Building Surveyor: Kara Chun, Philip Chun & Associates
Other Team Members : Simone Koch (Project Architect), Michael Archibald

Photographs by Kerstin Thompson Architects Pty Ltd, text by Kerstin Thompson Architects Pty Ltd

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