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   -   Residential Architecture Award

Half a House
by Field Consultants



1/2 House 1/2 the facade is a diagonal-refracted in the corner of, the eye of the spectator finds itself 1/2 looking at the site, of 1/2 streets and, 1/2 houses Don't make the street - the street doesn't make the town Architecture cannot be found in the street. or the telephone or the airplane or the car or the parthenon. But it can be found in 1/2 forms - beautiful Because they cannot be clearly

appreciated. Inside 1/2 light , 1/2 bent, 1/2 way round the rooms, in colour coming out of the black 1/2, Half caste, half bred, from ....... Annear, whose work was 1/2 water bomb, 1/2 oragami, 1/2 way to K.B. and 1/2 a world away from, 1/2 good destile making A half hearted, 1/2 witted return, (always) It's not 1/2 priced - It's for a whole person. and it took half a decade to design.

South Yarra, VIC
Field Consultants
Contact address:
Project Team
Project architect: Mr Michael Markham, FIELD Consultants
Developer: Ms Kaye Wright, (Client)
Structural consultant: Mr Tim Hall, Tim Hall & Associates
Lighting consultant: Beverley Walsh, Richmond Lighting
Builder: Mr Mark Radley, Clearline Constructions
Furniture: 1. Map 2. Luke
Hydronics: Mr Stuart Parsons, Parsons Design Hydronics
Photographer: Trevor Mein and Michael Markham
Other Team Members : Michael Markham, Peter Brew

Photographs by Trevor Mein and Michael Markham, text by Field Consultants

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