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   -   Interior Architecture Award

Campus MLC
by Bligh Voller Nield (NSW)



The Campus MLC project is twofold -the making of a new workplace, and the rejuvenation of a heritage listed building. MLC, now part of the National, required a new workplace as the final plank in a cultural change programme spanning ten years. The central design tenet was the engagement of the people of MLC in the process of design. In other words a design, and therefore a "place" led by human needs and a response to a culture, rather than a place as a response to a functional brief. The 1957 Bates Smart McCutcheon designed building proved an ideal basis upon which to design a workplace based on principles of flexibility, egalitarianism, transparency and engagement. Its open rectangular floor plan with attached core has proved that the simple concepts of modernist planning well executed are timeless. The project involved the refurbishment of the building in two parts -maintenance of the facade by Bates Smart and a complete

internal base building refurbishment undertaken by Bligh Voller Nield as an integrated fit-out project. The obvious economies were delivered by integration, together with the enhancement of the base building condition by a sympathetic interior. The building has a two level entry plane -the major entry from Miller Street, with the secondary entry one level below at Denison Street. Retail occupies these lower levels with carparking and service spaces. A childcare centre established in 1985 by Lend Lease (the former owner of MLC) is also located in the ground floor of the building. There are two open rectangular floor plates 18m wide, the west is 12 levels, the east 5 levels, with a core 'attaching' the floors. As the west floors rise beyond the fifth level the diagram is essentially an open rectangle with a side core. This plan form has now, forty years after its design, become the norm for contemporary office building design.

Bligh Voller Nield (NSW)
02 9252 1222
Project Team
Project architect: James Grose, Bligh Voller Nield P/L
Project architect: James Grose, Bligh Voller Nield P/L
Design architect: James Grose, Bligh Voller Nield P/L
Project manager: Ms Debbie Berkhout, Lend Lease Interiors
Developer: James Calder, Space Planning Consultant: DEGW
Structural consultant: George Clarke, George Clark & Assoc
Civil consultant: Ms Vicki Lilli, Ordinance Consultant: Trevor Howse & Assoc
Electrical consultant: Mr Geoff Lawson, Flannigan Lawson Engineers
Mechanical consultant: Mr George Parry, GWA Consultants
Hydraulic consultant: Mr Des Condon, Hughes Trueman Reinhold
Landscape consultant: Mr Brendan McLean, IT Consultant: TSC Management
Interior designer: James Grose + Team, Bligh Voller Nield P/L
Lighting consultant: Mr Peter McLean, Lighting Art Design
Acoustic consultant: Mr Peter Griffiths, Ove Arup + Partners
Services consultant: Mr Bob Sharman, Fire Consultant: LLDG
Quantity consultant: Ms Anthea Love, Storage Consultants: Records Systems Australia
Heritage Consultant: Jackson Teece Chesterman Willis
Photographer: Mr Anthony Browell
Other Team Members : Bill Dowzek, Mike Hale, Walter Carniato, Russel Koskela, Nathalia Poliakak, Damien Mulvihill,Geena Gearty, Caroline Wilson, Tash Clarke, Frank Ehrenberg, Adrian Light, Tinoulla Hill, Michelle Hosking, Geoff Cooke

Photographs by Mr Anthony Browell, text by Bligh Voller Nield (NSW)

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