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The Pavilion of Hope at Expo 2000 Hanover, Germany
by Thomson Adsett Architects in collaboration with Buchhalla & Partners



The client, a group of three Christian non-profit organisations, wanted to build a pavilion for Expo 2000 to bring a message of hope to the youth of today. Their objective was to facilitate personal change and positive engagement with care projects around the world. The client had obtained a presentation idea formulated by the Karlsruhe public relations firm Dauth kaun & Partners, who together with the firm Planungsgruppe Integrale Architectur (PIA Karlsruhe) had originally envisaged a fish glass-lamella fish sculpture inside one the pre-existing pavilions on the site. However, the client had not fully formulated the content when Thomson Adsett were commissioned for the project in 1997, and consequently the design process was also a development of the brief, as we together explored the dynamics of a typical Expo visitor's experience in going through a pavilion. For The Pavilion of Hope, that experience would need to be an unfolding of layers of response so the

message could have a lasting impact even after a full day of sensory overload. In reaching out to a youth culture steeped in apathy and non-involvement, the client decided to present a high-impact cinematic multi-media show, and also let the pavilion be light and transparent, conveying a sense of hope and empowerment to change the future for the better. At the outset the client had chosen the whale/fish (deliberate ambiguity), to symbolise the idea of getting involved, taking charge of the future. This was an amalgam of several concepts - Johan and the whale, Free Willie, protecting the environment, the fish as an ancient Christian symbol. The challenge to us as architects was to translate this idea into a building that embodied a multi-faceted concept, as well as facilitating the effortless flow of visitors. It also needed to provide the complex infrastructure for a live show, a cinema, a project display area surrounding a television studio set, and a bistro.

Hanover, INT
Thomson Adsett Architects in collaboration with Buchhalla & Partners
07 3840 9999
Project Team
Project architect: Daniel Lindahl
Design architect: Daniel Lindahl
Project manager: Dieter Bald
Structural consultant: Reiner Eilers
Civil consultant: Reiner Eilers
Electrical consultant: Gunter Hobert
Mechanical consultant: Gerd Kaellander
Hydraulic consultant: Rainer Gross
Landscape consultant: Buchhalla & Partner
Interior designer: Kristine Heneck
Lighting consultant: Dirk Tiltmann
Acoustic consultant: Gerd Jacobi
Communications consultant: Jurgen Bruning
Builder: Hochtief AG
Visualisation: Alexander Breker Digimain, Buchhalla & Partner
Exhibition Design: Barbara Meissner
Other Team Members : Robert Adsett, nicholas Bron, Leuel Najarro, Phillip Horwood, Dirk Buchhalla, Jo Jolmes, Kristine heueck, Elmar Lorey, Thomas Nowak, Peter Salomon, Garsten Rohde

Photographs by Thomson Adsett Architects in collaboration with Buchhalla & Partners, text by Thomson Adsett Architects in collaboration with Buchhalla & Partners

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