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   -   John Lee Archer Triennial Award for New & Extended Buildings 2001

Sustainable Sheds, Bay of Fires Lodge
by Ken Latona



The sustainable sheds for tourism project is located on a coastal freehold site surrounded by Mt. William National Park in north-east Tasmania. The area has a high level of nature conservation value and is of significance to the Aboriginal community - to the extent that Mt. William National Park has been recently recommended to be returned to the Aboriginal people.The cultural, natural and visual qualities of the site demanded that the building be responsibly located, constructed and operated to ensure there was no diminuition of these values. The site selected after 12 months of inspections, analysis and agony is stunning. Locally described as Bayleys Hummock it is vegetated with casuarinas which shield this building from view in all directions except for a window

facing the Tasmanian Sea. Sustainability is now an often, and somtimes inappropriately used term. For this project it was essential, and its application drove each and every consideration from siting to building form, material selection and services. A long building, it has been gently let onto a restricted footprint. As a decision was made not to provide vehicular access to the site most materials were lifted in by helicopter - the remainder hand carried. The building is small-scale, sustainable and autonomous in providing and managing its existance. It is highly connected to its wonderous setting and is minimalist in materials and impact and maximist in terms of lightness and connection - 2 simple long sheds for bushwalkers exploring Mt. William National Park.

via Gladstone, TAS
Ken Latona
Contact address:
Project Team
Project architect: Ken Latona
Developer: Bay of Fires Pty Ltd
Structural consultant: Gandy & Roberts
Builder: Ken Latona
Other Team Members : Jono Buist - documentation

Photographs by Ken Latona, text by Ken Latona

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