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Museum of Sydney
by Denton Corker Marshall



The brief required a development that conserved the fragile remains of the first Government House footings and commemorated and interpreted this important historic and archaeological site.
     The scheme marks the location of the house, conserves the footings in-situ, enables further archaeological investigations to be undertaken, creates a new civic and ceremonial

space and a museum to interpret the significance of the place. The museum is enclosed by a series of sandstone walls which relates the building to its context and by reference to a geological and historic layering, act as powerful symbols of the archaeological site. The museum provides a range of permanent and temporary gallery spaces with a theatrette, café and bookshop.

Denton Corker Marshall
Contact address:
Denton Corker Marshall
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.Project Team
Project architect: Stephen Pearse
Design architect: Richard Johnson & Stephen Pearse
Project manager: Public Works Department/Peter Root & Assoc
Structural consultant: Ove Arup & Partners
Civil consultant: Ove Arup & Partners
Electrical consultant: NDY
Mechanical consultant: TWA
Landscape consultant: Denton Corker Marshall
Interior designer: (Exhibition) Historic Houses Trust
Acoustic consultant: Robert Fitzell Acousitcs
Services consultant: (Stone Consultant) George Proudman
Environmental consultant: (Archaeologist) Ann Bickford
Quantity consultant: WT Partnership
Builder: Concrete Constructions
Janet Lawrence & fiona foley:
Other Team Members : John Lambert-Smith, Catherine Hart, David Melous, Paul Rolfe, John Morris, Sam Konstantonouski, Penn

Photographs by Denton Corker Marshall, text by Denton Corker Marshall

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