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Four Seasons Resort Bali
by Grounds Kent Architects



The Four Seasons Resort Bali is a 147 villa room five-star resort hotel situated on sloping land at the eastern end of Jimbaran Bay. The architecture of this hotel pays homage to the enormous wealth of traditional Balinese construction detailing and the Balinese culture forms a fundamental part of the planning solution. Three important areas of Balinese village planning are the village square, the pavilion house within a walled courtyard and the village lane, all of which are utilised in the resort's planning.
     The hotel has been laid out as a series of villages surrounding the central facilities

building/lobby. Within each village is a village square providing a focus and service to the 20 to 25 courtyard rooms that surround it. The courtyard room, in the manner of a traditional Balinese house, contains a series of pavilions within a walled courtyard. The design of the buildings and their integration into terracing of the site provides the opportunity to create a blend of building and landscape.
     This project has attempted to create the elegance, delight and romance found in the culture of Bali. The master plan creates the resort in a manner that is a reflection and micro experience of Bali itself.

Grounds Kent Architects
Contact address:
Project Team
Project architect: Martin H Grounds & John M Kent
Design architect: Martin H Grounds & John M Kent
Project manager: PT Bali Girikencana
Developer: EIE Japan and Wirya Santoso Bali
Structural consultant: Van der Meer & Associates
Civil consultant: Van der Meer & Associates
Electrical consultant: Lincolne Scott Perth
Mechanical consultant: Lincolne Scott Perth
Landscape consultant: Michael White
Interior designer: Dale Keller & Associates
Quantity consultant: Rider Hunt Perth
Builder: PT Bali Girikencana

Photographs by Grounds Kent Architects, text by Grounds Kent Architects

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