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   -   Award of Merit, Institutional New (Public Buildings)

Ringwood Library
by Edmond & Corrigan Pty Ltd



This new public building and retail precinct is located in the heart of Ringwood Shopping centre. This was to enable easy public access and use.
     This scheme was conceived in difficult times as a positive civic investment in the future for the City of Ringwood. It was located within parking area serving established activities, e.g. the Coles Myer shopping

centre and strip retail. The library is set piece which provide a civic focus.
     It is a public building with an associated retail development, and a car park to provide a cash flow to the council. The library building (established on axis to Melbourne Street) and the adjacent development, shape and enhance public space and provide a civic architectural image.

Edmond & Corrigan Pty Ltd
Contact address:
Project Team
Project architect: Edmond And Corrigan Pty Ltd
Design architect: Peter Corrigan
Project manager: Lewis McNaughton Pty Ltd
Developer: Lewis McNaughton Pty Ltd
Structural consultant: Bonacci Winward Pty Ltd
Civil consultant: Lanigan Baldwin Pty Ltd
Electrical consultant: Farmer Sanderson Pty Ltd
Mechanical consultant: Farmer Sanderson Pty Ltd
Landscape consultant: Land Systems Pty Ltd
Interior designer: Edmond And Corrigan Pty Ltd
Lighting consultant: Farmer Sanderson Pty Ltd
Services consultant: Farmer Sanderson Pty Ltd
Quantity consultant: Rider Hunt Pty Ltd
Builder: L.U. Simon Builders Pty Ltd
Glazing Structure; Facade Technology Pty Ltd:
Other Team Members : Maggie Edmond, Geoff Barton, Marc Dixon, Ross Carpenter, Chris Pytel, Gina Levenspiel, Nigel Bertram

Photographs by Edmond & Corrigan Pty Ltd, text by Edmond & Corrigan Pty Ltd

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