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Storey Hall
by Ashton Raggatt McDougall Pty Ltd



Completed in 1995, the new complex provides a state of the art conference facility with 750 seat auditorium, international Art and Exhibition Centre with four galleries, a student Gallery and a basement Lecture Theatre/Cinema. Complimenting the historic facade of Storey Hall on Swanston Street, the complex has a main entrance via the Annexe building, through a grotto like cave which seems to echo in contemporary form the classical arches of the grand original. Around the grotto large bronze tiles

cover the facade of the new Annexe building, appearing close up as classical drapery and lace while from a distance suggesting the new geometry of chaos theories. Tinted many shades of green inside and out, including a length of luminous green neon, the new complex reminds us of its Irish roots and the Working Manís College, but it also conveys a thoroughly sustainable future in which strange new geometries and technological precision are everyday experience at the University in the City, RMIT.

Ashton Raggatt McDougall Pty Ltd
Contact address:
Project Team
Project architect: Howard Raggatt
Developer: Building Surveyor; Andrew Young
Structural consultant: David Robinson, Roger Ubay, Mark Allen
Civil consultant: David Robinson, Roger Ubay, Mark Allen
Electrical consultant: Greg Craig
Mechanical consultant: Ray Kamil
Acoustic consultant: Neville Goddard, David Dolly, Sam Richardson
Environmental consultant: Conservation Architect; Julian Horman
Quantity consultant: Peter Slattery, Steve Grimes, Murray Baker
Builder: Hansen Yuncken Pty Ltd (contractor)
Artworks In Bronze. Peter De Garis:
Other Team Members : Steve Ashton, Neil Masterton, John Collins, Grant Amon, Grant Roberts, Catherine Evans, Jen Rippon,

Photographs by Ashton Raggatt McDougall Pty Ltd, text by Ashton Raggatt McDougall Pty Ltd

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