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Aust. Institute Bioengineering and Nanotechnology
by Jackson / S2F Architecture Joint Venture



AIBN JACKSON / S2F ARCHITECTURE JOINT VENTURE Daryl Jackson Pty Ltd, Principal Consultant S2F Pty Ltd, Principal Sub Consultant PROJECT DESCRIPTION The University of Queensland's Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN) is Australia's first integrated research Institute in Bioengineering and Nanotechnology. The $66million complex of 15,700 sqm's provides 365 staff with innovative laboratory designs, incorporating specialised instrumentation, administrative and staff support facilities. AIBN accommodates the largest concentration of nationally and internationally renowned research scientists and engineers working to understand and exploit structures and phenomena at the nano-scale. AIBN is designed with open planned laboratories that break with traditional cellular models. Extensive internal glazed partitioning ensures internal to external transparency with full height windows to engage external views and allow light penetration deep into the adaptable 30m wide angular floor plates. The highly complex servicing and technological systems are subtly concealed to create laboratories that are clean, open and vibrant. Interactive breakout spaces engage with the surrounding landscape, with large windows and projecting balcony's. From an urban planning aspect AIBN is designed as a ‘concluding' piece in the layered, radial campus master plan. The South-west and East face of the building form a permanent part of this concluding outer layer. The sweep of eucalyptus forest and field, into which Birrel's low rise Union College buildings are set, is respected and enhanced. The design produces a new built front with-in this open space system. An outer edge of fragmented wall planes

allows this large structure to fit comfortably into the landscape context without dominating it. The fragmented wall elements simultaneously reflect the inner geometry of Great Court and adjacent buildings, maintaining an interactive dialogue between built and landscape forms. The bone structure of the building consists of sandstone coloured in-situ concrete. The south facing lab office walls are blades perpendicular to the façade, the blades minimise view obstruction to maintain the aspect over the surrounding landscape and beyond to the river. An articulated second skin of folded perforated metal shading filters and fragments the form, softening the built edge. A Laboratory building of this complexity required a team of dedicated Consultants. The team was required to work intimately together within tight budgetary constraints to develop concepts to save energy, provide flexibility of services, and to ensure the facility could be operated 24/7. The building boasts a number of services initiatives such as, fire engineered structural and fire rated glass solutions, air tight specialty rooms requiring formaldehyde fumigation capability and, fully integrated Building Management Systems, providing energy management and computational fluid dynamics analysis to prevent the contamination of adjacent air intakes and courtyards. A full Environmental Assessment Report was commissioned and implemented for both the construction and operation of the AIBN building. AIBN is designed with materials, form, finish and colours that conform to the strict University of Queensland, St Lucia campus design criteria. AIBN is important also for those who will inhabit it. The laboratories and workspaces facilitate the

St Lucia, QLD
Jackson / S2F Architecture Joint Venture
07 3832 0666
Project Team
Project architect: Peter Hastings
Design architect: Mark Craig & Gary Carter
Project manager: David Vincenzino
Project manager: Peter Clarke
Structural consultant: Connell Wagner
Civil consultant: GHD
Hydraulic consultant: GHD
Landscape consultant: EDAW
Acoustic consultant: Ron Rumble Pty Ltd
Services consultant: S2F Architects & Engineers
Environmental consultant: URS
Quantity consultant: DLA
Builder: Abi Group Constructions
Director: David Trott
Documentation ARCH: Leighton Thomas
Interior Designer: Graham Stanley
Documentation: Graham Lowe
Documentation: Hendrik Ebber
Fire Consultant: Bassett
Services Manager: Colin Mc Veigh
Building surveyor: Certis

Photographs by Jackson / S2F Architecture Joint Venture, text by Jackson / S2F Architecture Joint Venture

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