B.Sc(Arch), B.Arch(Hons 1), M.Arch, PhD

Over 30 years of practice as an internationally exhibiting artist and architect, Goodwin has sustained a prolific and award winning, professional practice of art and architecture. His work ranges from freeway infrastructure to the gallery to “parasitic” architecture / public artworks. Fundamental to his work and philosophy, “Porosity”, is the notion of adaptive res-use and radical transformations.

Goodwin established the Porosity Studio 1996 at the College of Fine Arts (UNSW) where he currently holds the position of Professor. The studio enquires into a dynamic understanding of art, architecture and urban design: that the movement of people through the built environment and their patterns of inhabitation constitutes a politically rich layer of architecture. Since 2004 the studios were run as intensive, international, multi-disciplinary workshops and have been recognized and supported internationally by various universities and institutions such as the British Council.

In 2002 Goodwin was awarded the prestigious Discovery Grant from the Australian Research Council (ARC). This body of research, Porosity, has been widely published and exhibited in galleries across Sydney and has begun to influence the way designers, architects, artists and even emergency services view the city fabric. In 2009, the ARC awarded Richard Goodwin a Linkage Grant to develop Porosity using real-time technologies and gaming engines in collaboration with UNSW architecture academic, Russell Lowe.

Goodwin continues to evolve and provoke the boundaries of art and architectural practice.

Website: www.richard-goodwin.com