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Cumulus Inc
by McNabb Gomes Architects



1 The brief developed, with my business partner and myself evolved over time. It relates to eating, drinking venues that we like to experience in Europe. Values- simplicity, space, time, comfort, communication, respect, inclusive, choice. Core ideas - a relaxed environment that has quiet elements of fun for serving innovative food retaining integrity of space, structure , industrial aesthetic, limiting intervention to the essentials, bars, exposed kitchen, seating choice. The bar as signifier of a non -committal exchange. The bar emblematic of Australian pubs & Melbourne's European coffee and wine traditions, a haven, a place of exchange of ideas, of meeting the known and unknown. 2 Cumulus, makes a significant contribution to Melbourne's food and wine culture. It is an eating house from 7 am to 12 pm at night, with exceptional high quality product, service and ambience. 3 The fitout is within an original clothing workshop its last reincarnation a gallery. The restaurant is at street level. The front fašade

consists of large steel windows divided by painted brick columns along Flinders Lane. Steel columns are situated within the large interior volume. A rear enclosed mezzanine space was altered to create 2 articulated volumes related to the kitchen and service areas. Two bars dominate, white and black, traditional white marble associated with food , overlooks the open kitchen, the black steel bar for drinks faces the windows and passing view of the Lane. 4 The key objectives and parameters of the program and conceptual framework have been achieved. The plan, design, choice of materials and details has created an environment that is crucial to its performance as a space that adapts to continuous use during 17 hours of day and night. 5 Several consultant disciplines were involved in the projects' development and resolution. Structural Engineering, Acoustics, Architectural Lighting, Mechanical Engineering, Disability Access and Cost Planning. Each contributed to the integrity of the successful outcome.

McNabb Gomes Architects
Project Team
Project architect: Pascale Gomes - McNabb
Design architect: Pascale Gomes - McNabb
Project manager: John McNabb
Lighting consultant: Siobhan McNabb
Services consultant: Bao Truong
Programming consultant: John McNabb
Builder: Leeda Construction
Builder: Leeda Construction
Cad Documentation: Tina Wei
Site manager: Patrick Horan
Photographer: John Gollings
Photographer: John Gollings
Photographer: John Gollings
Building surveyor: Phillip Chun

Photographs by John Gollings, John Gollings & John Gollings, text by McNabb Gomes Architects

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