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   -   The Australian Institute of Architects Award for Residential Architecture - Houses (VIC)

Ivanhoe House
by Kerstin Thompson Architects



Ivanhoe House The Ivanhoe House uses the courtyard type to form a continuous loop of interior space. Imagined as a domestic circuit the experience of the house is differentiated through shifts in plan and section to vary the degree of intimacy, light and openness. Suspended above its ground in response to the flood overlay, the occupant is drawn up from the underbelly into the courtyard which is the threshold between inside and outside. The house is also an exploration of how contemporary architecture can further situate itself in place by extending an existing and recognizably local architectural legacy. The interior planning, material palette, detailing and integration of joinery draws upon a local arts and crafts tradition particularly as seen in the Chadwick House by Harold Desbrowe Annear. Annear

is a key reference for this project because of his profound influence on Melbourne's architecture especially within this exemplary garden suburb. The taughtness of the exterior skin and the external bulge from interior elements in the houses of Annear were explored in this one. Further the quality of darkness and richness in his timber interiors, the way in which this darkness creates an intimacy and a retreat from the extremity of Australian sunlight was of great interest and influence. The black ceiling and ash walls in Ivanhoe recall these earlier works and amplify the verdant landscape/garden setting. As an experience the house achieves the desired amount of looseness, repose, intimacy and retreat that was sought in answer to the brief for accommodating family life within a robust and informal home.

Kerstin Thompson Architects
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Kerstin Thompson Architects
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.Project Team
Project architect: Julian Patterson
Design architect: Kerstin Thompson
Structural consultant: MacLeod Consulting
Landscape consultant: Tarquin Dunn
Builder: Smart + Cain Constructions Pty Ltd
Builder: Smart + Cain Constructions Pty Ltd
Photographer: Patrick Bingham-Hall
Photographer: Patrick Bingham Hall
Photographer: Patrick Bingham Hall
Photographer: Patrick Bingham Hall
Building surveyor: Metro Building Surveying

Photographs by Patrick Bingham-Hall, Patrick Bingham Hall, Patrick Bingham Hall & Patrick Bingham Hall, text by Kerstin Thompson Architects

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