Using the Google Earth Browser Plugin


The Australian Institute of Architects' Google Earth Browser Plugin allows you to search the vast number of projects in the Institute's gallery. The plugin enables you to locate entries on a map, and display 3-D models of selected buildings and projects.

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Navigation is simple - you can click and drag the Earth around in the plugin. If you have a scroll button on your mouse, then you can zoom using that - or using the control in the plugin display.

Clicking on an entry in the list in the bottom-right will zoom the display to that site.

Clicking on one of the placemarkers will display information about the entry, and provide a link to the gallery entry for more details.

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Searching for entries is as simple as changing one or more of the filters to the right of the display.

When filtering by location, the display will move the view to fit in the entries for that location.

Entries that match the filter will be displayed with markers on the map, as well as in a summary listing in the bottom-right of the window.

Text Search

You can also filter by keywords, in addition to the selectable filters.

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Viewing 3-D Models

The Institute has begun commissioning 3-D models of entries. Entries with a model will have an active checkbox next to the building name in the summary list in the bottom right. Clicking on this checkbox will load and display the model.

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